In Food Technology we intend to design a curriculum that is both accessible and supportive to all students. We aim to maximise the development of every young person’s ability, skill and academic achievement. Our curriculum will be rich in both skills and knowledge, allowing students to apply what they learn in food technology to other subjects and the real world. We strive to engage all students in Food Technology and equip them with the skills, knowledge and qualifications to open doors in both further education and work.

Our Aim is for student’s to be confident in their own ability and be coherent with practical and transferable skills learnt in the kitchen. It is a priory of ours that students can develop an understanding around the subject that can be used to strengthen ties to their culture, community and interests. This can be in the wider community and around school with Food Technology working closely with PA and Outdoor education to reinforce how food fuels our bodies and to develop a first-hand understanding of where our food comes from.

It is important that the subject works alongside out schools core values of ‘Respect’. We aim for our students to show Responsibility in the kitchen, particularly around hygiene and safety. We aim for students to feel a sense of Empowerment as they become more knowledgeable and independent in the kitchen. Food Technology is an alternative to academic core subjects, we aim to allow this to give student’s a Sense of Belonging allowing them to have more freedom around what they want to cook and prioritise what they wish to learn, this also promotes independence and builds confidence in our students. Personalised Learning is something very important in our lessons, all students have different strengths, abilities and needs. We have children working in Nurture, Hybrid and Core pathways based on their ability, this means each lesson will be accessible to them and accommodated accordingly to allow them to thrive in every session. In our theory lessons we aim to build Empathy and understanding of where our food comes from, we want our young people to understand the impact the food industry has on our world and allow them to form independent thoughts on how they can sustainably help make this better. Each lesson we want our young people to consistently produce high quality work in both practical and theory lessons they can be proud of, this Consistency will boost their confidence and open them up to many opportunities. We also aim to build Tolerance through the lessons; cooking takes time, requires patience and sometimes things will go wrong. This will give our students opportunity to build resilience and give many opportunities for self-improvement.


Food Life Skills

BTEC Level 1/2 Award in Home Cooking Skills

Level 2 Food Hygiene Certificate

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