Our Exploration curriculum is taught during the Spring term with the primary focus being Geography.


We believe that the teaching and learning of geography should provoke natural curiosity about the world and its people. The curriculum is designed to equip pupils with knowledge about diverse places, people, resources and natural and human environments. Children will aspire to develop skills that lead them to discovering answers to their own questions through creative exploration and practical experiences.


The Exploration curriculum will develop pupils skills, knowledge and understanding in the following:

Locational Knowledge – develop contextual knowledge of the location of globally significant places.

Place Knowledge – Understand geographical similarities and differences through studying the human and physical geography of the United Kingdom and different areas within the wider world.

Human and Physical Geography – Describe and understand key aspects, characteristics and processes of the world’s most significant human and physical features and how these are interdependent and bring about change over time.

Map and Fieldwork Skills – Competence in the geographical skills needed to collect, interpret and communicate geographical information in a variety of ways.


Pupils work evidences a broad and balanced geography curriculum and demonstrates the pupil’s acquisition of identified key skills and knowledge. Pupil voice is taken at the end of Spring Term which is used by leaders to further improve our pupil’s experiences.