When children study Music, they are able to appreciate their creative potential.

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Our long term plan for Music is in line with the National Curriculum and aims to ensure that all pupils are following the objectives relevant to their level of learning. We want to encourage our children to see the potential in becoming musicians themselves whether that be through using their voice, playing a musical instrument or using digital media

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We choose a range of visitors who introduce our children to beat boxing, rapping, composing and recording music using digital media. Others have brought different instruments into school that the children have not seen before, this has widened their understanding of how music is created and given them the opportunity of considering whether they would like to take up learning an instrument themselves.


Children are taught music through practical activities that involve performing by using their voices, for example beatboxing, using tuned and untuned instruments to play or compose their own music. Listen to different genres of music and talk about what they like and don't like. They are also taught to understand some of the terminology surrounding music. Children use digital media to compose their own pieces and understand how music is created, produced and communicated.


In many cases the self-confidence of our pupils has been raised by performing pieces of music to their peers. We choose visitors to come into school who are admired by children for the talents and encourage the children to try new things themselves.

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