Our Social Emotional Learning Framework (S.E.L.F.) curriculum is designed to teach explicit skills and strategies which our students need to enable them to access the broad and balanced curriculum offer here at our RESPECT Collaboration of Schools and beyond.

S.E.L.F. enables our experienced staff to develop sequences of learning which are appropriate for the current learners and their history. Many of our learners join RESPECT Schools with significant gaps in education and/or social skills. It is imperative that our students are given the opportunities to learn and explore the world around them safely and appropriately, so they are ready for life beyond school.


KS3 – Students work through Bronze, Silver and Gold outcomes within a range of units centred on the school vision of RESPECT.

KS4 – Students build upon their knowledge, skills and understanding from KS3 to work towards an ASDAN qualification in Personal and Social Development (PSD). The PSD qualification allows us to support our young people in becoming confident individuals and responsible citizens who are able to manage risk together with their own wellbeing.

Post 16 destinations/careers:

S.E.L.F. can prepare students for the following post-16 destinations:




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