Headteacher Kingsmead School – Elizabeth Sanger

Liz is the Headteacher of the Kingsmead School. Prior to becoming Headteacher, she was based there as Head of English across the organisation, for nine years. Liz believes firmly in all pupils having access to an enriching and comprehensive education that prepares them for P16 and life beyond Kingsmead School. She supports her team in ensuring that Kingsmead School is a welcoming and purposeful community, which supports all pupils with EHCPs in fulfilling their personal potentials.

Liz has worked as a Head of English and then Head of Teaching and Learning over the last 15 years in specialist schools across Derby. Prior to that, she worked in mainstream education in Derby and Essex. Liz’s twenty years of experience have led her to believe fervently in one thing: all children deserve an opportunity to access an education that is challenging, supportive and inclusive. A one-size fits all approach does not suit all children and it is the role of educationalists to ensure that the school experience for every child is positive and enabling.