A Collaborative Approach

The development and empowerment of leaders is the key to our success, supported by our executive leaders ensuring that people work collaboratively to devise a strategy built on knowledge, using the most recent evidence-based research. This ensures sustained school improvement.

Our teams work together to enable schools to improve, support is targeted and reflective. This ensures that school leaders receive the right support at the right time. Our primary focus is to achieve the best outcomes for young people, and we also acknowledge that these outcomes are often not purely academic. Our team of executive leaders and strategic thinkers provides specialist support to senior leaders through the following:

  • Identify
  • Support
  • Challenge
  • Advise
  • Assure Quality
  • Evaluate

Each school has regular meetings supported by Directors with a particular focus around

  • Quality of Education
  • SEND
  • Attendance and Safeguarding
  • Alternative Curriculum/Provision

School leaders have regular opportunities for individual subject enhancement sessions, which bring professionals together to discuss specific subject-related matters of our core curriculum offer. Additionally, each school has its own school development plan. We believe in collaboration, which often leads to our schools working together to achieve common goals.

Our team facilitates support for the following, as we know these underpin any school improvement:

  • HR
  • Finance
  • Data and performance
  • IT
  • Estates and Facilitates
  • Marketing and Communication

This support ranges from general enquires to high level wraparound support. We have a proven track record of delivering high level projects to support opportunities for children.

For more information or for a conversation about how you can get involved, please contact us through the collaborate section.