Balancing between a young persons social development to be successful in society and academic achievement in society is a dilemma, both have great importance and could be weighted equally!

Using our values we want to support our school communities to create responsible young people, who value the opportunity to be empowered through education, but have a sense of belonging and value personal learning opportunities in their school communities. Equally from the opportunities they receive they will develop relationships, showing empathy for each other in a consistent manner, where all are tolerant of difference.

We will ensure this is achieved by implementing a consistent approach to school improvement supported by expert access to professionals for quality of education, safeguarding, attendance, SEND and alternative provision. We endeavour we give every opportunity to ensure ‘mirrors are turned into doors’.

However most importantly as a collaboration we will focus on the review and sustain elements of our school improvement model. These are the hardest and the most difficult to consistently implement.