Key stage 2 students love to play with textures, explore new smells and tastes. The idea of taking a bunch of raw ingredients and turning them into something wonderful and tasty is almost magical….its food alchemy!

More importantly knowing where all this stuff comes from and how it got here is a History and Geography lesson all rolled into one….not forgetting of course all that measuring and weighing. Our subject deals with every aspect of a young person’s life. We try to give our young people skills for life, through food.

World culture, team work, discipline, planning, and appreciation of others all play a part in what will always be a whole person educational experience dressed up as a fun food adventure with a tasty ending for the whole family….enjoy!


To promote healthy eating, teamwork, safety in the workplace and general wellbeing. Gaining a better understanding of world foods, cultures and cooking techniques.


Implemented by incorporating team activities and food education into the curriculum via cooking and kitchen skills. Select, Touch, feel, smell, prepare and taste.


Wider appreciation of where food comes from along with the confidence to handle and prepare it in a safe and delicious way. Students will gain a greater more positive sense of self and self-esteem through their culinary success and achievements, as well as an appreciation of the importance of team work. The ability to make a little go a long way.