Careers Development Plan

The careers development plan helps young people to explore careers possibilities and set goals to follow a careers path that fits young people best. The careers development plan is a proactive planning and implementation of steps towards the learner’s goals.

The development plan is beneficial because developing, implementing and reviewing the plan we as a school are able to:

  • Better recognise the learner strengths and identify areas of improvement
  • Be proactive in seeking and making the most use of the development opportunities.

Year 7

Me and my future – Self awareness
  • Skills and qualities
  • Attitude towards gender in different careers
  • Introduction to labour market information

Year 8

Me and my future – Knowing myself and getting ready for change
  • Equality –reinforcing equal opportunities
  • Exploring attitudes to gender
  • Understanding labour market information

Year 9

Me and my future – Self determination
  • Role Models
  • Decision making
  • Researching effectivity
  • Labour market information

Year 10

Me and my future – Self Determination
  • Where are you now?
  • Group workshops/Enterprise
  • Challenging stereotypes
  • Current trends in the labour market

Year 11

Me and my future – Self Improvement
  • Researching Post 16 options
  • Applications to college and Training providers
  • Workshops- Careers talks/mock interviews
  • Mentoring
  • Personal one to one careers guidance
  • Up-to-date labour market information

Careers Related Learning Plan

The careers related learning plan helps support the careers development plan by breaking down the plan into smaller tasks, so each year group will have equally opportunity to learn about careers.