School and service improvement philosophy and model

At The Respect Collaboration of Schools we are passionate about building successful learning communities and maximising the potential of every stakeholder within these communities. Across the Collaboration there is a strategic agenda to ensure we deliver excellent education to raise aspirations and improve the life chances of every pupil.

The Collaboration is committed to working with all schools within our family of schools to support continued reflection and improvement on five levels:

Leadership and Growth: Educational development and best practice is always advancing. In order to build great schools, a culture of curiosity, humility and innovation needs to be fostered at every level. School improvement within the Collaboration aims to support our schools working together on common priority areas using research and development, sharing good practice and capacity.

Expectations and Stability: All pupils benefit from high standards and effective provision that is consistent and stable. Where standards fall or coast, the collaboration will act swiftly to implement effective practice coordinated by proven leaders from within the central team.

Collaboration: Working with a genuinely collaborative methodology creates capacity in sharing expertise. This ensures the right support at the right time with the right expertise to bring about the best results for pupils in a culture free of judgement.


The Improvement Methodology

(Adapted from EEF doing ‘fewer things better’ 2019)

Audit and Analyse

Review performance standards and create a clear line of sight to the problem. Identify and understand the area for improvement. Identify appropriate programs or practices to implement.

Plan and Prepare

Create a clear implementation plan. Check and understand the readiness of the school context to deliver the plan. Prepare resources. Plan to work together across the collaboration where appropriate.


Support staff, monitor progress and problem solve. Flexible approach to the strategies with a clear and fixed line of sight to the improvement area/s.

Review and Sustain

Evaluation of progress relative to the intent. Plan for sustainability and continued improvement and capacity development. Consider lessons learned and how these can benefit the collaboration of schools.