All staff in the Respect Collaboration of Schools are ambitious for every child within our schools and work hard to meet the wide range of student needs. As an inclusive environment, we remove barriers to learning, providing an education that is appropriate, aspirational and ensures appropriate planning and transition for the next steps of their educational and life journeys. We are flexible in our approach and whatever the background or past experience of education has been, we aim to provide children the opportunity to engage or re-engage within a supportive learning environment. All students, whatever their starting points, are valued and included so they thrive and achieve.

It can be daunting for a child to move schools, particularly those with additional needs which may bring increased challenges. At RESPECT, we pride ourselves in knowing we have really supportive teams of skilled and experienced staff who all understand the importance of a positive transition. We ensure that the whole educational journey is one that is communicated regularly with parent/carers and also with all others who are a part of a child’s educational experience with us.

Within each school in the collaboration there is a designated SENCO who ensures the day to day operational processes are in place and they are the first point of contact. The Director of SEND works closely with the leadership teams at each school and with the Local Authority. The Local Authority produce a SEND Local Offer. The SEND Local offer brings together useful information for children with special educational needs and disabilities and their parents and carers. This provides guidance to services and support within Derby City. At RESPECT we also work collaboratively with outside agencies, ensuring specialist advice and provision offers support for the child to enable effective teaching and learning.

SEND practice is a golden thread through all that we do, considering the child at the centre of all processes and decision making. We have rigorous processes to ensure children receive the right support at the right time and the right place. All statutory processes are backed up by quality assurance and agreed SEND policy and protocols and reported back to governors.